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Latino Democratic Club Announces 2018 Endorsements

Silver Spring, Md. — After an endorsement process that included the review of candidate responses to its questionnaire and deliberations among its general membership, the Latino Democratic Club of Montgomery County announces its endorsement of 34 legislative and executive candidates in contested races for federal, state, and county offices.

“We in Montgomery County are blessed to have so many qualified residents running for elected office — truly an embarrassment of riches. The Latino Democratic Club believes it is crucial that candidates vying to represent our diverse County understand the issues facing the Latino community. From the continuation of our high-quality public education to the sustained support of small business owners and defense of our immigrant communities, it is important that we understand where the candidates stand,” says Luisa Arevalo, president of the Latino Democratic Club.

“The Club provided candidates running in contested gubernatorial, legislative, executive, council and Board of Education races the opportunity to address these and other issues. Their responses served as a foundation in our endorsement decisions, which was supplemented by candidates’ demonstration of commitment to the Latino community and issues of importance to the Club, as well.

“We expect all candidates, whether Club-endorsed or not, will continue to work to address issues that face that Latino community in Montgomery County.”

The following candidates received the endorsement of the Latino Democratic Club:


Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Rich Madaleno and Luwanda Jenkins

Congressional District 6: Aruna Miller

County Executive: George Leventhal

Councilmanic District 1: Ana Sol Gutiérrez

Councilmanic District 2: Craig Rice

Councilmanic District 3: Sidney Katz

Councilmanic District 4: Nancy Navarro

Councilmanic District 5: Tom Hucker


Gabe Albornoz

Graciela Rivera-Oven

Jill Ortman-Fouse

Will Jawando


Legislative District 14 – House:

Eric Luedtke

Anne Kaiser

Pam Queen

Legislative District 15 – House:

David Fraser-Hidalgo

Legislative District 15 – Senate:

Brian Feldman

Legislative District 16 – House:

Marc Korman

Samir Paul

Legislative District 17 – House:

Julie Palakovich Carr

Legislative District 18 – House:

Al Carr

Emily Shetty

Jared Solomon

Legislative District 18 – Senate:

Dana Beyer

Legislative District 19 – House:

Maricé Morales

Bonnie Cullison

Marlin Jenkins

Legislative District 20 – House:

David Moon

Jheanelle Wilkins

Lorig Charkoudian

Legislative District 39 – House:

Gabriel Acevero


Board of Education District 3:

Patricia O’Neill

Board of Education District 5:

Brenda Wolff

Board of Education At-Large:

Karla Silvestre